Blessing You With Unexpected & Fortunate Discoveries In The Ozarks!

Sitting in my backyard where I can overlook the ridgelines of the Missouri Ozarks is one of those places that I would call my little piece of heaven. I am a native Missourian and have lived in a couple of other places, including the Alaskan Bush, but this is home.

Relaxing in the garden.

I am excited to share with you the hidden gems and destinations that I have right here in my backyard I call the Ozarks.

Day trip to Bennett Springs, Missouri
Dan fishing in his element!

In The Kitchen

Join us in the kitchen where we will be showing you what the Ozarks is all about In The Kitchen! From traditional recipes from family homes to some great destination recipes that you will love.

In The Workshop

We will be showing you several DIY projects for your home and garden In The Workshop! We love to work with wood and building little projects that you can recreate in your own workshop.

On The Road

There are many hidden destinations and gems in the Ozarks that you may not know about. Journey with us, "On The Road" as we venture through back roads and Ozark Mountains.