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I am a wife, mom, foodie and crafter living my best life in the Ozarks. My love of baking and creating new things has brought me to this platform to share it all with others. Experience love, family and the simple life here at Serendipity In The Ozarks!

About me

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I am a self-proclaimed foodie, crafter, and photographer, but above all, I am a dedicated wife and mother. Having been married for over 35 years and raising two grown children,  I can confidently say that my role as a wife and mom has shaped me into the person I am today. Currently residing in the breathtaking Ozarks of Missouri, my family and I are living our best lives surrounded by nature’s beauty. Although my adventurous spirit has led me to live in the Alaskan Bush in the past, a part of me always longed for the familiar comforts of Missouri.


One aspect of my life that reflects my passion and creativity is my love for food. Growing up, my Dad ignited this love within me through his culinary creations. In the 70s, displaying affection wasn’t as common among fathers, but my Dad found his own unique way to express his love – through food. To this day, I firmly believe that good food and good company are synonymous with love. Inspired by my father’s talent, I have delved into the world of culinary arts, owning two successful bakery/cafe/catering companies where I shared my own original recipes.


The blending of flavors, the satisfaction of creating something delicious from scratch, and the joy of sharing it with others has become a significant part of my identity. In fact, I am currently undertaking an exciting endeavor by working on my first cookbook. This passion project allows me to compile and share my tried-and-true recipes, with the hope that it will be available for readers to enjoy in the spring time.


In addition to my love for food, I possess a knack for crafting and woodworking. I owe this talent to my father, who served as a great source of inspiration during my formative years. Whether it was building projects in the garage together or accompanying him to job sites, I observed his creative process with awe. However, it was his remarkable ability to craft meals from minimal ingredients that truly left a lasting impression on me. Despite our modest upbringing, my Dad always managed to provide a warm meal for our family.


As a wife, mother, foodie, crafter, and photographer, I am incredibly grateful for the experiences and influences that have shaped me. Through my love of food, I hope to continue spreading joy and love by introducing others to my unique recipes. Additionally, my passion for crafting and woodworking allows me to bring my ideas to life and create something beautiful. Both facets of my life reflect the values instilled in me by my parents, who always found a way to make a little go a long way.

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