Dedicated to his wife and built by the family, Yates Rustic Range Trading is a hidden treat right here in the Ozarks, sure to warm the heart. Just a few miles down the road from Preston, Missouri on 54 highway is a small building restored to glory. Protecting history by keeping an old landmark on the map, the Yates also preserve old family values not regularly seen in today’s society. Just one conversation with this family, and you know there’s something special and unique to their culture. Living an authentic and simple way of life that’s refreshing to be near.

The Yates Rustic Range Trading building used to be an old pump station from back in the day. No one really knows just how far back it dates, but locals have been known to have memories of it from the 1950’s. Dedicated to his wife after he suffered a horse riding accident, Brandon Yates and his children rebuilt and restored the store to create his wife’s dream. A family country store. 

The old station building

Hidden from the untrained eye, the Yates Rustic Range Trading sits on one of Missouri’s beautification and scenic routes, nestled just next to the highway in plain sight. Sticking with the wild beauty of Southern Missouri as inspiration for the restoration of the build-ing, the family had a lot of obsta-cles to face before opening the store. Brandon states, “If we’d have been smart we would have probably tore it down, but I’m too stubborn.” That statement mirrors the resilience of the entire family.

In 2013, an accident at work shattered Brandon’s knee in 6 places. A year later, he was in a terrible horse accident where the animal fell completely on top of him, Brandon’s collar bone was shattered and gave him a near death experience. He recalls his wife being by his side through it all, tending to his every need. “I owe her everything,” he says. After telling the story, Brandon shared a poem he wrote for his wife after the store was first opened.

“Laura, to you I dedicate this store, For someone that always gives more. Between these walls, I’ve poured my heart and soul, Truth be known, you’ve given ten fold. When I was broke, you helped me heal, I must let you know how I feel. At times I am sick and weak, With you by my side, it’s not so bleak. As a standing monument of my love, In my eyes you tower above. Live, love and believe, These feelings of mine will never leave.” 

Being present while he recites the ballad, is enough to bring a tear to the eye, but a joy to your heart. He con-tinues to say, “I didn’t build it to make a big profit or to get commercial, I did it because I love my wife and she loves what she does.” The amount of love the entire family illustrates in everything they do is evident, and true to the old values of a traditional ozark family.

Bringing everyone together to provide a wide range of services and products, the Yates’ do it all. Laura Yates, Brandon’s wife, is a seamstress, embroiderer, and store manager. Her daughter, Sareena, is a painter, creating beautiful home decor and painting murals and commissioned work for local businesses. Her son, Cheyrell, does blacksmithing creating brands for branding, leatherwork, woodworking and is also a writer following in the footsteps of his father. Not to mention their USDA certified fresh beef from their farm. Laura Yates says, “We like for the locals just to come in and ask ‘can you do this?’ and we answer yes or no, but most of the time its yes.” 

If you’re looking for a trip back in time close to home with quality products, Yates Rustic Range Trading is the place to be. You can rest assured whatever you buy from here will be built with love, the way you would want it built. And, if you find something you really like, you can even barter with the family! Trading is encouraged, as a way to work together with the community and retain the old ways. As a part of history weathering the times.

Yates Rustic Range Trading is located 6 miles east of Preston, Missouri on 54 Highway. (417) 733-7193. 

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