Rockbridge Grist Mill

Danny turned 50 this year…shhh! I am not supposed to tell anyone. You see we have both decided that this year we both are turning the big 50, so if we don’t say anything it never happened. Right?

So we did celebrate and we did it in a way that Danny had been asking for several years to do. I booked a guided flyfishing trip at Rockbridge Trout Ranch in Rockbridge, Missouri. This was about a 2 1/2 hour drive for us from home even further South so we had to get up before the sun came up (sigh). Those that know me, know that no one in our family is a morning person. We arrived at 8:00 am just in time to meet our guide, Ryan.

During the morning, Ryan worked with Hunter on casting techniques and how to land a big trout. Trust me as the average size of trout in this stream is 3 pounds! I worked on my own, as usual, I am a control freak and didn’t want anyone’s advice or feedback as I would catch my fly in the air on the way back the other way. I had several knots in my line when we went to lunch. When we decided to go to lunch we had 10 fish already. Rockbridge cleans, deboned and package the fish for us. Maybe I can find a recipe that I will like trout!

After lunch, we decided that since it was Danny’s birthday that he would go out with Ryan, the guide, for the afternoon and enjoy himself. We watched from afar and he was having a blast! When the day ended we had a total of 19 trout to take home. I really need a good trout recipe!!

Rockbridge was a great hidden gem found deep in the Ozark Mountains. They have many activities such as horseback riding, skeet shooting, fishing, hiking and more. They have a great restaurant where they feature many trout dishes including smoked trout. There is a great souvenir gift shop in the lodge and a place to pick up some flyfishing gear.

As we were leaving they were just opening up the Mill where you can sit have a drink or something to eat as you overlook the waterfalls and watch other fishermen try their luck.

We only spent 9 hours here, but we are going back and staying a night or two and trying out all the activities that they offer. You can find their website at and take a look at what they have to offer.

I felt as if I was back at the resort in the movie Dirty Dancing. It was a great place where there was no cell service and it was very relaxing where the family could unplug and get back to nature.