Kitchen at Drummond Ranch Lodge

It finally happened…I turned 50. So what does a 50 year old blogger want to do? Well go to Pawhuska, Oklahoma of course! This was on my list of places to travel outside of the Ozarks and experience.

The Drive

Driving to Pawhuska, Oklahoma is about a 4 hour drive from where we are here in the Ozarks. We started out early so that we could be down there to have the lunch experience at one of her places. Driving through Oklahoma is absolutely beautiful. You have rolling hills that when you are on top you can see for miles.

Our trip included many, and I do mean many quotes out of the movie “Twister”. I don’t know if your family is like ours, but we have seen that movie so many times that we can now script the movie almost word for word. I was in charge of telling Danny where the highways and exits were on the drive as I use my phone navigation. “It’s just over that next hill,” I said. Danny was quoting Twister, “It’s going to show its ugly face right over that hill”.

The Town

As we came into town we headed towards the business district to find the Mercantile. We expected a crowded scene since it was still summer and a Friday. We parked two blocks from the Mercantile and walked down the old streets of Pawhuska. There are a few other stores in the town that aren’t owned by the Drummond Ranch that you can go in and shop and have the boutique feel to them. The architecture of some of the old buildings was really unique and it features one of those triangle buildings right in the middle of the street across from the Mercantile. Reminiscent of Times Square in New York. The town is easily navigable for all ages and needs.

View from the stairs going up to the bakery

The Mercantile

We started out in the Mercantile which at first thought through the door as it is really too crowded in here. There are many dishes, kitchen novelties and more for you to walk through and shop. I did my once walk through trying to take in everything and decide on what I thought I couldn’t live without. If only my house was bigger or at least my kitchen. I just don’t have any wall space left to showcase any of the beautiful and fun plates and bowls that was featured. They do have a place to eat in the Mercantile, but we chose to go across the street to her pizza place instead. So we finished up in the Mercantile before heading over.

You can either climb the stairs or use the elevator to reach the coffee/bakery on the second floor. Danny convinced me that I needed to jump in line and purchase something to take home and enjoy. We jumped in the line and as we were waiting you could see croissants, baked breads, pastries, cookies, cupcakes and more. But, by the time we made it up to the counter the croissants that I had my eye on were all gone. So if you want choices from the bakery you need to be there early in the morning! We picked up a few cookies, muffins and a lemon bar for the ride home. We left without buying anything at the Mercantile and headed out for lunch.

P-Town Pizza

Wood Fired Oven • P-Town

Across the street features one of Ree’s restaurants, P-Town Pizza featuring wood fired oven pizza. We placed our names on the waiting list and was told it would be 45 minutes. We knew anywhere it was going to be a wait to be seated so we decided to go in some of the other shops while we waited for our text to be seated. When we went back in 45 minutes we were told that the person before was not giving out the correct times and it would be another 45 minutes. So my warning would be prepared for a wait when you are ready to eat and plan accordingly.

Once we were seated we ordered two small pizzas to share which was the lots of meat and the steakhouse. The lots of meat is exactly what it’s named. The unique pizza that I had to order was the steakhouse featuring Tomato sauce, mozzarella topped with grilled and sliced medium-rare beef steak, balsamic red onions, shaved parmesan, green onions, crispy mushroom chips and a drizzle of peppercorn cream and steak sauces. The crispy mushrooms were such a neat idea and especially for family members that do not like the texture of mushrooms. Next stop, the lodge!

The Lodge

This is really the reason I wanted to go to Pawhuska! I wanted to see where she filmed her show. The techno-nerd in me wanted to see her setups in the building for filming and holding the cameras. Only this was not the case, there was nothing set up for filming or stationary for any cameras. First, let me tell you about the drive to the lodge. The lodge is located about 20 miles from the mercantile, 12 miles of highway, and 6 miles of gravel road. The lodge is tucked on the edge of a hill overlooking a huge valley on the ranch. Ree’s instructions on how to get to the lodge tell you to park and go on in.

The boys hanging out at the lodge.

It was really not that busy. I think a lot of people weren’t sure if the drive out was worth it. I was stopped by one woman at the Mercantile asking if I had been out to the lodge yet and what my thought were. It was absolutely amazing and beautiful. The lodge features the big main kitchen, 5 or maybe 6, I lost count, bedroom suites and another large commercial kitchen in back. She also has plenty of storage for her pantry and for all her props. The wrap around deck on the outside is a great place to sit and take in all the beauty of the ranch.

Props in pantry
You can never have to many mixers, right?
More props!

Now that I had seen the lodge, I was ready to go back to the Mercantile and pick up a few things. The boys dropped me off and I made a mad dash inside. Only to be stopped by that same lady 5 hours before to see if I had been to the lodge, lol. I had told her that I thought it was totally worth the drive and that she should definitely be sure to go visit. I dashed through and picked up a t-shirt (of course), a 24″ rolling pin, orange scented hand soap, and a teal-colored salt mason jar. I know totally weird items, but that was what I picked up when I scanned the Mercantile for what I wanted earlier in the day.

The really crazy part of this story is that we had our fur babies at home and planned on doing this crazy one day trip. That was a lot of driving, but it was a lot of fun!

Have you been out to the Drummond Ranch? What was your favorite thing?