Scott’s Iconium Store

Known for their Peach Nehi Floats

Have you ever had Peach Nehi? Or do you remember peach Nehi? Don’t know what I am talking about? Let me give you a little history of it.

History of Nehi Soda

Wikipedia tells us that Nehi (pronounced “knee-high”) is a flavored soft drink that originated in the United States. It was introduced in 1924 by Chero-Cola/Union Bottle Works. The “Nehi Corporation” name was adopted in 1928 after the Nehi fruit-flavored sodas became popular. In 1955, the company changed its name to Royal Crown Company, after the success of its RC Cola brand. It was founded by Claud A. Hatcher, a Columbus, Georgia, grocer, who began bottling ginger ale and root beer in 1905. In April 2008, Nehi became a brand of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (now Keurig Dr. Pepper) in the United States.

The Store

One day where we were out fishing in the Iconium area and turned into this little town in the middle of nowhere to find Scott’s Iconium Store. It sits on the one of the one-block town with a single gas pump, a tall front porch where they probably pulled up their wagons back in the day, and an American Flag flying proudly upfront. I have been here before and it usually is packed full of cars and also Boy Scouts from the near by camp.

The Scott family owned it since 1947 and it has been in existence for over 100 years as the general store and has been serving the community ever since.

It’s nice to have some place that you can stop in cool down and grab a cold Peach Nehi soda or better yet, a Peach Nehi Float. I have heard that they have served over 1,000 Peach Nehi Floats in one day!

While you are there be sure to look around. The front has the usual groceries, camping, snacks and accessories that you might need. Keep going through another door in the back and you will find so much more.

Scott’s Iconium Store is located at 12770 NE Highway C, Iconium, Missouri 64776. Phone number is (417) 646-2221.

Of course, I picked up one for the road and a 12 pack to take home. We had just gone over to Osceola to have some BBQ for Hunter’s 17th birthday so I wasn’t ready for a Peach Nehi Float quite yet.

On a special note: I was so worried about getting my pictures that I left my wallet on the counter. Bank debit card, credit cards, cash, and ID…everything! It took us almost an hour to get home to realize that I had left my wallet somewhere. I instantly called the store to find that they had found it safe and put it back for me. Every day that I am out and about and find these hidden destinations, I am reminded that there is a lot of good people out there in the world still. With the internet you hear more of the bad and negativity more than you hear the good and the good in people. Get out there and find these places and experience the good in life. They are out there!