Pumpkin Spice Soap with Coconut Oil and Oatmeal

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Dollar Tree Challenge

My best friend and I have lately been doing these Dollar Tree Challenges. We set down the rules of the project such as a $10.00 budget from Dollar Tree. You can use your own supplies of glue, tape, etc. for the small stuff. Then we choose a theme and a deadline.

This challenge was $10.00 budget with a October 11th deadline and a theme of fall. Well I guess mine didn’t look too much like fall, but I had fun doing the challenge anyway. I wanted to share the idea that you can take a little bit of money and turn it into a truly DIY homemade gift that I believe anyone would be excited to have. The soap features pumpkin pie spice and have coconut oil and oatmeal as well.


Dollar Tree Supplies

I ended up not using the pumpkin stickers for packaging and one bar of soap, so the total from Dollar Tree was $7.00. I bought a 2 pack of red gift bags that I planned on cutting for the wrappers around the soap. I ended up with one extra sack and the base of the other sack is actually storing the six soaps right now. It was almost like it was made to store them at the perfect size. Did you know Dollar Tree is online and will ship to you? Here is a special $4.95 flat fee that is good from 10/16-10/18. Three days only! Click on the link below!

$4.95 Flat Rate Shipping Event from 10/16 – 10/18

I bought a basic oatmeal and coconut soap bars that I could shred down. Each bar only took maybe five minutes to do by hand, but I actually thought about getting my Kitchenmaid out and the shredder attachment. But it really wasn’t that hard to do by hand.

I also purchased a package of coconut body oil found at Dollar Tree to add to the soap base to give it a little more. I also added 9oz. of water for every 12oz. of soap base. Since it was a fall themed project I added some pumpkin pie spice from my kitchen pantry, You could also add some pumpkin pie soap oil but that wasn’t available to me for the challenge. But feel free to actually order in soap oil/scent to use in your DIY project.

I did not use a double boiler, but by all means if you feel safer using a double boiler and worried about burning the soap you can use it. I stayed right with it and was constantly stirring so I wasn’t worried about burning it.

You will not get this soap at a liquid melting point since you are melting down already once produced soap. It will be melted but a chunky peanut butter consistency. You will know it is ready to put in your mold when it is no longer melting any more than it has.

The Mold

You could have so much fun with molds. Think out of the box! I once made pine cone shaped candles by putting a pine cone in a can and then filling it with silicone. Pulled the pine cone out and then I had a perfect reusable mold to pour the wax in. So there are many items at Dollar Tree that you could use that would work for molds. I wanted just a regular loaf pan mold effect so I could slice and then decorate.

Once I had the soap mixture poured into my cooking sprayed mold, I sprinkled a little more pumpkin pie spice on top and then added some oatmeal for texture. There are so many unique soaps that you could make with items you already have in your house. For example, coffee grounds are great for using in the shower to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Why not put it in some soap!

I turned the soap out and with a little coaxing I manage to get the soap out of the mold with ease and no damage.


I had taken one of the gift bags that I purchased from Dollar Tree and cut into 1 1/2″ strips to wrap around each soap slice. I secured each paper strip with a glue dot. I mentioned that I didn’t use the pumpkin stickers because I had found these cute little metal trees that I just fell in love with and thought they would be great for decoration. This was a decision that affected my project in the fall theme. But it is all in interpretation, right? Securing the metal tree decoration with a glue dot as well I wrapped some twine around the whole soap and decoration with a small bow.


This would be a great gift to include with maybe with a bath puff, back scrubber and a gift certificate for a massage! The ideas are endless!!! The best part is you created a one-of-a-kind gift for someone that is special to you.


I had a total of $9.00 in this whole project and have a gift bag extra to use for packaging the gift with more items if I wanted. Each soap then breaks down to $1.17 each. If you are thinking cash flow is going to be low during the holiday season here is a great idea to not spend that much but have something that is useful and made with a lot of love!

You could actually start a small craft business on the side with very little investment, Something to think about!

I have created all the quick links to each product in the above copy so that you can create the same soaps or put your own spin on them. For three days only you can enjoy $4.95 flat rate shipping using the link below.

$4.95 Flat Rate Shipping Event from 10/16 – 10/18

Grab a friend and start a Dollar Tree Challenge today! It is a lot of fun and who doesn’t like created something? We live over 150 miles away from each other so this is a great project that we can work together on from a distance.

I know, I know! Everyone is wanting to see what she created! So here is her project that she created for the fall themed challenge. She did an excellent job!! We are now working on our Dollar Tree Christmas Centerpiece Challenge that is due by November 1st. Make sure you subscribe to my page so that you can get an alert when that project is posted!