My posey, created with roses, mint, spearmint and lemongrass.

My Memories

I can remember as a little girl on May Day, the first day of May, we would make little cones shaped holders our of newspaper and then go through the neighborhood and pick flower (usually from the yard that I was giving to) and place them at the door, ring the doorbell and run away! Now that I am older and have gotten into gardening and landscaping my yard, I think back how the neighbors must have been so mad at that little girl that lives next door picking all my flowers!!! Really my intentions were all good, but not knowing the value of the time and money spent on growing that flower, I didn’t realize how they must have felt.

What is a Posey?

From “The Posey Book”, written by Teresa H. Sabankaya, a posey is a small flower bouquet – an intimate circular gathering of flowers, plants, and herbs that convey messages in the language of flowers. They are like flower greeting cards.

I have never really been a flower person. You receive them, they die, right? I have really grown to appreciate flowers now that I am older and learning more about their meaning and secret messages behind them.

Relaxing on the weekend with a good book!

Looking For Something Unique

I was looking for something a little special to give to my clients and friends that weren’t the norm. Something a little more custom to my clients. The Posey Book was the perfect fit. I was amazed at the color photographs and the in-depth information that I would need to put something together since flowers were not my thing. This book is full of ideas and takes you step-by-step. Including some posey arrangement recipes that you can put together yourself. If you don’t have the flowers in your yard, or you simply don’t want to cut those. You could pick up flowers at your local grocery store or florist. The fact that you put them together and created the meaning behind it is what is important.

How To Customize It More

For the all the crafty people out there you will like this one. There is a chapter in the book about creating the sentiment tag. What is the sentiment tag? It is a tag that gives you the reason behind the posey. Maybe a thank you or a get better, whatever your reason for creating a posey for a certain person. Then you add what the flowers are in the posey and their meaning. You won’t have to Google each and every flower’s meaning, because it is also included in this book. It has a whole flower dictionary that list every flower and several meanings behind the flower.

My posey above has red roses – sweetness of character, merriment. Mint – Let’s be friends and warmth of feeling. Spearmint – warm sentiment and virtue. Finally, lemongrass – fresh start.

Creating the sentiment tag with some scrapbook papers, embellishments, and ribbon finishes out your posey and tells the person that you really took the time to create this unique posey just for them.

Did you ever create a posey when you were a kid? Why not relive those fun memories by creating a posey today! If you would like to order The Posey Book you can follow this link:

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