What a great afternoon I recently spent at Hummingbird Berry Farm in the Ozarks of Missouri. I have never visited a berry picking farm before. I have picked wild blueberries and cranberries in front of our log cabin in Alaska, but never here in the states. I just recently have seen some advertisements for blueberries, strawberries and lavendar. Lavendar sounds very intersting and probably needs to be a trip in the near future.

Where is it located?

Hummingbird Berry Farm is located just south of Brighton, Missouri on 13 Highway. It is just a little North of Springfield, Missouri. It opens somewhere the first part of June. You can always check their website as they update it and their Facebook page of the opening days.

Want to hear more?

Sharon and her husband, Kyle own Hummingbird Berry Farm and I met Sharon a little over a year ago where I did some marketing for the farm. I didn’t get a chance to make it out last year during the season. So I wanted to make sure I was there this year.

It did not disappoint! It was an easy drive to the farm and there was friendly staff to help you anywhere you turned. You can even catch Kyle on his cart running around offering you to test some of the berries that he had picked just at perfection.

Once you check in you get a short orientation from Sharon on where you are able to pick that day and what you are looking for so that you pick the best and sweetest berries. Once I received my directions and my bucket I was off.

Pickin’ at it’s best!

There were so many ripe berries, but yet so many more that would be ready in the next couple of weeks, so there won’t be any shortages. It didn’t take long to fill my gallon bucket up. While I was picking my berries, you could see many families on their way to go pick their bounty as well. It was really nice to see the little ones enjoying an outing with their parents doing something that benefits the whole family.

Once you are done you can head back up to the front where you can find a wash station to clean up your hands from all the picking. I believe I was just shy of 5 lbs of blackberries. The aroma of these berries are hard to put into words. They were so decadent and fragrant! I couldn’t wait to get home to start putting them into recipes. My goal was to just make one recipe, but I ended up making two. Be sure to check out the next two blog post as they will be the Blackberry Cobbler and Cheesecake with Blackberry Sauce.

Fresh Blackberry Cobbler
Cheesecake with Blackberry Sauce

The thornless bushes made picking very easy, and the set up of the farm was amazing. If you want some fresh blackberries, but don’t want to pick them yourself, Sharon has you covered, as they offer we-pick option. You can call and order your berries, and they will have them ready for you to pick up. I can only say that if you haven’t had the experience of berry picking, load up the kids, and head on out!!

You can go to their website here and find all the information that you will need such as services, picking dates, hours, directions, recipes and more!

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