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 Hi there! My name is Dan, and this is the Swearingin family. We are happy you’ve taken an interest in Serendipity. Our story began as kids in grade school, from the playground to after-school activities in high school. Like many things in life, doing things together is always more fun so after graduation, and some courting, of course, we got married in a little log cabin in Branson. At the time it seemed like an adventure but I never realized how much of an understatement that would be. 

Penny, my wife, and I got married a little over 30 years ago with one adventure after another. Some more dramatic and exciting than others and some Penny loves to bring back up for a laugh now and again. The story of living in the Alaskan Bush for several years is another book by itself. During these adventures, we managed to have two amazing kids that have contributed to these adventures as well, Heather and Hunter. 


Meet the The Family


Meet Danny Swearingin

At any given time, you can probably find Dan wearing cowboy boots, jeans, and a cowboy hat drinking Mountain Dew thinking of another adventure to go on. It may be an adventure far away or just another goofy trip hunting or fishing. This has been going on ever since I can remember as a kid. I have always wanted to chase my dreams, but Penny has always pushed me to follow them. I have worked construction jobs most of my life, but it has always been between chasing my dreams with the family. I have guided in Alaska and in Missouri people chasing their own dreams. This seemed to be a passion I had for several years. Over the years and many trips later, I realized I was fulfilling other people's dreams but not my own. I enjoyed making peoples dreams come to a reality, but I found I could do this through teaching them what they needed to know while fulfilling my own dreams. This was what got me started writing and taking pictures of what we were doing so others could enjoy and plan adventures of the same nature. 


Meet Penny Swearingin

Penny is a wife and mother of two great kids. In our marriage, I have seen Penny go from a small newspaper salesperson learning the ropes to being a Marketing Director of a casino in Kansas City and to someone running her own business and her own life. Penny has the drive to make things better for people. It doesn’t have to be for the family, even though a lot of times it is. Or even friends, but for people in general, she loves to make things better for people whether she knows it or not. Penny and I own our own marketing agency in the small town of Bolivar, Missouri where Penny is the brains behind it all. Penny sees things that others would steer clear of, avoid, or just plain would not acknowledge as a problem then takes it as a challenge to fix or understand why it is like that. She is like this with everything she starts, from clients she picks up at the office, to new DIY projects she starts around the house. Serendipity In The Ozarks will be no different with her taking on the challenge. 


Meet Hunter Swearingin

Hunter is a shy teenage boy that doesn’t say a whole lot until you confront him with a question or greeting. At this point, you will realize he is a very polite person that is full of knowledge. Hunter, like his mother, researches things fully if he is interested in something. Hunter leads the average teenage life of learning how to drive and how to defeat his newest video game. But he also is homeschooled and allowed to pursue his interest and dreams as a Black Smith, Gun Smith, or Drone Pilot. 

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