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I’m Penny.

I am a foodie, crafter, photographer but most importantly a wife and mom. I have been married for over 33 years and have two grown children, Heather, 28 and Hunter, 20. We are living our best life in the Ozarks of Missouri. We have lived in the Alaskan Bush, but I still love and missed Missouri. You will experience my love of food and recipes here on the blog. I don’t like bland food and will create many of my own recipes. I also have a love of creating new things either through crafting and woodworking. My Dad was a great inspiration to me through building stuff out in the garage or taking me with him to job sites. But where he really excelled was how he could create a recipe out of nothing. We didn’t grow up rich and my Dad could take a few ingredients and make sure that the family was fed that night. 


I would say my love of food comes from my Dad. I grew up in the 70’s so my Dad was not one of the Dad’s that would express his love. Dad showed his love by other means and cooking was one of them. To this day, good food and good company means love!

I have owned two bakery/cafe/catering companies where I was able to share my love of food and recipes that I have created through the years. I am currently working on my first cookbook and will hopefully have it out before Christmas.


In the blog I also cover many other areas that my family and I love to do, including: 

Living Life: Experience life in the Ozarks. Whether it’s gardening, events and more. There is something for everyone!

In The Kitchen: Learn what I think makes food taste good. Recipes, tips, tricks and more. You will find some basic recipes to more advanced. 

In The Workshop: I am always creating something new. The possibilities of a bucket of scrap wood get’s me excited. Join us In The Workshop as we create some great projects. 

In the Ozarks: Travel with us while we enjoy the Ozarks of Missouri. It may be our travels bike riding, fishing or hunting the great outdoors. We will also experience some great family locations throughout the area as well. 


My Mission

“To share undiscovered and serendipitous locations throughout the Ozarks. To show you recipes and local food from the area and have some fun doing some projects for your home. To consistently, honestly and authentically, provide incredible value for my readers. “

It’s a Life


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