Crappie and Morel Mushrooms…a spring tradition.

When April rolls around every spring there is one thing on our minds here in the Ozarks. Crappie fishing and morel mushroom hunting. This year has been an epic mushroom season here in Missouri. In fact, I have a friend that I believe is up to 1700 mushrooms found! I have been out twice and have found a total of 6, but I am not looking too hard. My Facebook has been blown up this year with everyone’s bounty.

Danny and I have been taking little breaks here and there and getting out and catching our limit of Crappie. They are all on the banks here at Pomme De Terre Lake and we can usually catch out limit pretty quick. We are hoping to have a fish fry in May and invite all of our friends to enjoy.

We have a favorite fish breading that we use to batter the crappie and catfish. It is Andy’s Cajun Fish Breading, and it is relatively inexpensive. If you don’t have it in your area there is a link below to purchase some and give it a try. It gives the fish a crisp coating and a little spice as well. Click here to purchase.

For the mushrooms we do a simple egg wash and then dipped into seasoned flour and fry. Have you ever had morel mushrooms? Do you have a favorite way of fixing them? Comment below we would love to hear from you!

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